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Group introduction

Innovation and development: commitment to highway outdoor media and new areas, new media development

Introduction to Shandong Hi-Speed Group Co., Ltd

Shandong Hi-Speed Group Co., Ltd.(SDHS) is a state-owned super-large enterprise group incorporated with the approval from Shandong Provincial People’s Government, for which the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Committee of Shandong Province fulfills the responsibilities of the investor. It is a comprehensive enterprise group which integrates investment, construction, management, operation and maintenance of highways, expressways, airports and harbors.

So far, the registered capital has achieved 15 billion RMB Yuan, and the total asset has been up to 140 billion RMB Yuan. The company has an existing staff of more than 26,000 people. The annual income of the company has exceeded 15 billion RMB Yuan, and the total profits and tax is 3.8 billion RMB Yuan which ranks in the top place among the province-run enterprises. SDHS is now operating 1500 kilometers of completed expressways, 436 kilometers expressways under construction, 482 kilometers of completed railways, and 743 kilometers of railway under construction. Moreover, on behalf of the Provincial Government, SDHS is responsible for the investment and construction issues of 3800 kilometers of railroads throughout Shandong Province, the total investment of which is 150 billion RMB Yuan.

SDHS has the ownership of 26 organizations, such as Shandong Expressway Co., Ltd. which is a representative of the blue chips of the listed companies involved in the field of highway and bridge engineering, Shandong Hi-Speed Road and Bridge Group Co., Ltd which is the largest provincial-level road and bridge engineering enterprise with special class construction qualification, Shandong Railway Construction Investment Co., Ltd fulfills the investor responsibilities concerning the railway construction throughout Shandong province on behalf of the provincial government, Weihai City Commercial Bank which is the first regional city Commercial bank in Shandong Province, and Qilu Construction Group and China Shandong International Economic and Technological Cooperation Corporation, which have the business qualification for foreign cooperation and the grade one overall contracting for construction. Since 2006, for three consecutive years, SDHS has ranked among China’s top 500 companies. In January 2007, the leadership of SDHS was named as “an advanced collective leadership of the sate-owned enterprises of Shandong Province” by the Organization Department of CPC Shandong Provincial Committee and the Party Committee of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Committee of Shandong Province. It has also received the honors of the “provincial civilized highway system”, “advanced organization of the national transportation system”, “provincial-level civilized organization”, “Chinese most faithful enterprise”, “national user satisfied enterprise”, “Chinese charitable prize”, “Shandong 10 responsible enterprise”, “Shandong outstanding enterprise citizen”, etc.

Adhering to the development thought of “based on the province, oriented to the other provinces and going to the world”, SDHS has extended its business areas to more than 22 provinces, with a contract value of 40 billion RMB Yuan. The highway projects which is invested and operated by the Group include the highway of Sichuan Leshan to Yibin, Qingdao Bay Bridge, highway of Henan Xuchang to Yuzhou, highway of Henan Xuchang to Bozhou, highway of Sichuan Leshan to Zigong and so on, and the total investment accumulates to 27.5 billion RMB Yuan. The overseas infrastructure construction projects proliferate 5 continents and 99 countries and areas, with an contract amount of more than 3 billion US dollars.

Standing on a new starting point, SDHS will make every effort to realize striding development. Persisting in the goal of creating social and economic returns, benefiting employees and strengthening the enterprise,centralizing in high-efficiency management, taking the scientific concept of development as a guideline for the overall situation, SDHS will try very hard to develop itself as a leading enterprise, and meanwhile to achieve a top position in the same field domestically, and build the China High Speed of Shandon province, therefore to make much more contribution both culturally and economically. 

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