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Highway introduction

Innovation and development: commitment to highway outdoor media and new areas, new media development

Jinan Ring Highway (north line)

Qingdao to Yinchuan highway around Jinan city northern line (including Yellow River Bridge), which is the one of the twelve national planning and construction main line, the important section of Jinan to Yinchuan, as well as the important part of highway around Jinan city. It is about 62.84km (including Yellow River Bridge). There are 53 planning advertising in total.

Jinan Loop Highway Northern Line Cui Village Interchanges (K16+700) Media Plan

Jinan Loop Highway Northern Line Hehua Interchanges(K10+100)Media Plan

Jinan Loop Highway Northern Line airport Interchanges(K7+400)Media Plan

Jinan Loop Highway Northern Line Tangwang Interchanges(K0+600)Media Plan

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